Monday, July 21, 2008

[kgma] RP endorses UN action plan on global food & energy crisis

RP endorses UN action plan on global food & energy crisis

NEW YORK—The Philippines has joined calls for the United Nations
General Assembly to endorse the Comprehensive Framework for Action on
the Global Food and Energy Crisis before its current session ends in

"Today, the General Assembly can literally make a world of difference
in this most pressing issue of global food and energy crisis,"
Ambassador Hilario G. Davide, Jr., Philippine Permanent
Representative, said in the statement he delivered during the Plenary
Meeting of the General Assembly on the Global Food and Energy Crisis
held on Friday, 18 July.

"By endorsing this Comprehensive Framework for Action and implementing
the proposals contained therein, the General Assembly, as the largest
legislative body in the world, will be able to provide a coherent and
coordinated response to the immediate needs of the many millions
adversely affected by high food and energy prices," Ambassador Davide
said. "More importantly, the General Assembly will lay the foundation
for continued stable and rational markets in the food and energy sectors."

The Comprehensive Framework for Action was recently finalized by the
High Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis established and
chaired by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and composed
of the heads of the UN specialized agencies, funds, and programs; the
World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the World Trade
Organization; and relevant parts of the UN Secretariat.

The Comprehensive Framework for Action is intended to promote a
coordinated response among agencies, national governments, donors,
civil society and the private sector to the global food crisis and
develop a plan of action.

It describes actions to be taken urgently to meet immediate needs and
to contribute to sustainable food security. It is intended to be a
guide for global and national actors, both institutions and
governments, and a catalyst for action that needs to start now.

"The decision must be made now," Ambassador Davide said. "The
Philippines joins the rest of this august body in making that decision
today or, at the latest, at any time during the 62nd Session of the
General Assembly."

In his statement, Ambassador Davide also cited the recommendations of
the Philippines to address the food crisis, particularly the creation
of a global grains reserve to protect both importing and exporting
countries from sharply fluctuating prices. He said the Philippines has
also embarked on a biofuels program using non-food sources and has
called for increased funding for global research and development,
particularly for the International Rice Research Institute.


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